Thursday, August 16, 2012

BeadFX – Like a Duck on a Pond

Beaded Duck - by Gabriela Lukacovicova.
From Glorious Green - Bead Quilt. Check out next
Monday's Blog post for more!
BeadFX today is like a duck on a pond – all calm and serene and feathery on the surface – and a frenzy of madly paddling activity underneath!

As you may have noticed over the past few weeks – we have been telling you – nay warning you! - that we will be closed for the next few days – due to doing our inventory.

This one is kind of a big deal for us, because not only are we inventorying – we are installing some new systems. If you are long-time fan – you probably have had your moments of frustration with our rather cranky online shopping cart – and it's occasional tendency to think we have items in stock that we don't – and vice versa.

To alleviate this situation – we are also installing a point of sale system – which will tell the website when we have sold something in the store. So not only are we counting – we are installing a new system, updating it, AND training the staff to use it! Can you say “stressed much?” (I knew you could!)

Anyway – to this end – we are closed from Thursday (Aug 16) to Sunday (Aug 19), and while our trusty computers will be accepting your online orders – we will NOT be picking them until starting Monday morning. Then we will proceed to pick them in the order that we received them.

We anticipate that this will put us a few days behind our usual turnaround time next week, and we thank you for your patience and understanding while we get back up to speed!

With any luck – we'll start to see benefits from this right away in substantially reducing the pain and disappointment of back orders for you!

Wish us luck!

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