Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Joy of Metal Clay: Gone to the Dogs

Last Monday, I finally did it.  Our family has grown.  We now have another 10 year old boy in the home; a ten year old dog named Boston that is. He is a fabulous rescue dog who seems to have adjusted to our family perfectly.

Needless to say when I told my husband I was stumped for a topic today he predicted I would somehow bring it to the topic of dogs.  I guess he's right.  I will try keep my yattering about my new dog on a leash.

Now that we have this boy in our home he must get a shiny metal clay dog tag.  First, I must consider my metal; something  I learned a couple years ago when my sister got her dog.  Fine silver is a soft metal and may not hold up as we as you expect to your dogs everyday adventures.  I made Roxy, my sisters Doberman a fine silver tag out of some of my scrap metal clay and it did not hold up to her boisterous activity level. Here it is several years later:

Silver is also quite a costly choice as it continues to rise in price.  Consider the less expensive copper, bronze and maybe steel for your furry friend.

It is such a simple project that if you have kids they can help out.  My 10 year old son made a tag for his teachers dog as a teachers gift this past June.

Any design options are endless. I found a simple tutorial on making metal clay tags on

Here are a few unfired tags I have in my to be finished pile.  Texture and shape (you can even layer a clay shape i.e. dog bone on top or add a gemstone) to make a truly unique tag for your pet.

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