Monday, September 19, 2011

Rrrr Mateys, Talk Like a Pirate, Leah Fairbanks Class Picture

RRRRrr Mateys - it be "Talk like a Pirate" day - a day to celebrate all things knot-ical. I'll be just a waitin' here while you be checkin' out that website thingy to confirm what I be sayin'.

RRR - you're back now are ye? Pirates be our kindred spirits, what wi' th' love o' treasure an' jewels an' th' whole general booty thin'. We be havin' a soft spot for those black-hearted buccaneers*.
And we all thought Johnny Depp looked pretty cool with beads in his hair too. ;-)
Speaking of beads - I've been taking the Leah Fairbanks' classes. (Any relation to Douglas Fairbanks - who portrayed pirates on the silver screen - do you suppose?) What an awesome class. We have learned sooo much about stringer and colored cane and using colours together that it would never have occurred to me to use.

Here - she shows us how to make a fern.

And here - we pull stringer - that's Catherine "Sailor Girl" Winter holding one end - and you can't actually see the other end of the string because I didn't have a wide angle lens with me.

Here - Leah on the left and Catherine on the right - examine the results of the stringer pull.

And this is the totally awesome Rainbow Twisty - which we are all now privy to the secret of.

The class has been a great deal of fun, and it's so nice to just dedicate a few days to doing something fun with other great folks. Absolutely as good as a vacation.

All this stuff goes into my subconscious and kicks around for a few months and then, pops out as something else. I can hardly wait to see!

*Definition of a buccaneer - too much to pay for corn.

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