Wednesday, September 07, 2011

It's all about colour

This may be rather old for some of you who are already planning for spring - however, for those of us just starting to design our fall jewelry, and planning our new fall wardrobes - well, except for me...Working from home doesn't require an extensive wardrobe, which is great as that means I have more money for beads! LOL .  That said - I'm not a complete hermit, and I suppose I'll need to do a bit of shopping for some basics to wear with all of the new jewelry that I'll finally have time to make now.

One of my favourite clothing lines (at least to look at - I'll need to diet some before I can wear these lovelies) is Anthropologie. I just received the latest email this morning with a gorgeous example of the use of the colour bamboo (or close enough).

I think the top would look lovely with super long, multi layered strands of antiqued brass beads, topaz, or golden crystal shadow swarovski crystals, or even some gorgeous ocean agate.

Are you planning to make jewelry to match your clothes, or buy clothes to match your jewelry? Post your answer here, or join us on facebook for the official poll.

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