Thursday, September 08, 2011

Creating your own jewelry tags

Some of you know that I like to make little bits and bobs as I like to call them. I make jewelry as well, but I much prefer to make beads, findings, clasps, and other assorted little bits.  That said, I'm always struggling with how to display them. For my handmade beads that I sell in the store, along with our other bead artists - I usually use a little tie tag with a tiny little price tag on it. Sure it works, but it's not exactly the most creative or inspired way of displaying or pricing. As an 'artist' I need something better, something that better reflects my own personal style.

I recently picked up a package of shipping tags at Staples. These are large tags about 4 3/4" by 2 3/8" with a reinforced hole. They're long enough to string on a small strand of handmade beads, or I could cut them smaller if my designs required it. You can decorate these with fancy paper, paint them, stamp them, or even just tea stain them - it all depends on your own jewelry/style. The great thing about these is that they're big enough to put a sticker on the back with all of your information - Name/business name, contact info/website etc. You do want your customers to know where and how they can buy more. ;-)

Here are a few ideas that I've come up with, but if you're looking for more inspiration- Use google images to search for : 'decorative shipping tags', or scrapbook shipping tags'

The following were painted with watered down acrylic paint, stamped with distress ink, or embossed with embossing powder and a heat gun. These were tons of fun to make, and I may even get the girls to help me out after school today to make a bunch in different colours.