Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Joy of Metal Clay - Sharing my display

This weekend I am participating in the Danforth East Arts Fair at East Lyn Park in Toronto. It is my community so I especially love to be there to meet new and old neighbours and promote the joys of metal clay. If you are in the area, come by and say hi.

I thought I would share pictures of my booth. Although my booth is far from perfect it works for me. It is transportable, easy to set up and flexible and interactive. There are many things I may change if I had the time and money but for now it is what it is and perhaps may give you ideas.

Here is a picture. Sadly my son spilled coffee on my white table cloth right after setting up!!! Oops. Note to self don't place coffee on table. (it is in the wash as I write this and I hope the stain is gone for day two of sales).

The set up is made up of two collapsible aluminum tables bought at Lee Valley Tools, table cloths, two wooden modular boxes, Ikea picture frames (with dowels added to make hanging surfaces) and two fabric covered pieces of insulation foam (one inch thick pink stuff bought at home depot - that I can push pins into). I won't go into details but the latest and greatest idea was a simple that struck me last weekend regarding my tags. The old ones (although great)were printed with all my information and is a better option for marketing but since I did not have them professionally printed there were problems. One the time in printing them out was labour intensive and I had trouble with the ink coming off at times making them not "
wear" well. Finally the computer program I designed them in won't load on my updated computer and I haven't had a chance to address this.

The new ones I made were quite simple and well resulted in a lot of compliments today:

They are made with card stock and a small hole punch. For me the little girl was perfect! Such a simple solution to a problem that I don't think I will return to the old cards.

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