Sunday, September 04, 2011

The Joy of Metal Clay: When shot gets dirty!

I just tumbled some silver metal clay pieces overnight last night to find all of my pieces completely black this morning!!!! Panic.

Here are two of the pieces with black deposits on the front.

I guess with the business of summer I had not cleaned my shot in a while. It was surprising to me how filthy it was and the horrific deposits on my beautiful silver.

I took the shot out and put it in a colander with soap and washed and rinsed several times. I also cleaned to barrel with soap and water.

Another way I rinse and clean my shot is to use a COLA type beverage. Just pour it in let is sit for a hour or more, agitate then rinse it off. I usually rinse my shot after every use and clean it after every several times. I have never let it get to this point before!

For the blackened silver pieces all I did was give them a little hand polish.

Unfortunately I do not have a before picture of this one as I panicked when it came out and had to make sure it would come off so I began to clean it before I even took any picture. (the smooth section which is hard to see as it has become reflective was completely black)

Luckily nothing was ruined.

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