Thursday, September 08, 2011

New This Week!

Wildhorses Can Drag You To Beads

s30310 Stone Beads - 30 x 40 mm Oval - Wildhorse Picture Jasper (1)Wildhorses can't drag you away from your beads, and this month - they can't drag you away from our new, Wildhorse Picture Jasper.

Wildhorse Picture Jasper - our stone of the month for September - is named for Wildhorse Canyon, where it is found, in the Owyhee Mountains on the Idaho & Oregon border. It is a combination of a slate blue-grey and a caramel mustard colour - a very attractive, earthy combination - so long as you don't think too hard about caramel and mustard together.

s30279 Stone Beads - 6 mm Faceted Rondelles - Green Goldstone (strand)As a matter of fact, we have quite a few other new stones this week. In response to popular requests - we now have added Green Goldstone, as an accompaniment s30281 Stone Beads - 30 x 40 mm Oval - Green Goldstone (1)to our Classic and Blue Goldstone. Green Goldstone, as you might expect, is green, but still has the shimmer of thousands of tiny stars inside!

s30323 Stone Beads - 10 x 14 mm Puff Rectangle - Malachite (Genuine) (1)Speaking of Green - we have these wonderful Malachite beads - and this is genuine Malachite, not the simulated Malachite (which, while attractive and durable, is just not the same as the real thing.) Genuine Malachite stone, which has always been highly desirable, is getting harder and harder to find. It is a fairly soft stone, so better suited to necklaces and earrings than bracelets.

s30334 Stone Beads - Double Drilled Puff Squares - Lapis Lazuli (1)And speaking of highly desirable stones with a rich history - check out these double drilled Lapis Lazuli stone squares. I am thinking of what an awesome watch you could make with these!

s30336 Stone Beads - 6 mm Faceted Round - Grey Moonstone (strand)If you like a more neutral stone - how about these faceted Grey Moonstones? Just a little sparkle from the faceting - how awesome would a strand of these be with a black sweater?

s30321 Stone Beads - 15 mm Faceted Round - Giraffe Agate (1)

Giraffe Agate. No kidding. I don't think it would have been possible to name this anything else! These handsome, faceted stone beads will be a conversation starter for sure!

74301013 Needle -  Twisted Beading Needle with Collapsible Eye - Medium (Pack)Twisted beading needles with a collapsible eye. These have been out of stock so long - I've been making my own! But now, we found a new source, and we have them again! Woohoo!

Just for Jaime!

74550021-00 Tools - 6 mm Shape Stamp/Punch Collection - Love (Set)Heart Punches - just for you Jaime! You asked for heart stamps - and while these were scheduled to go live next week, along with a bunch more exciting new stamps in letters and shapes, because you asked for them - we moved them up to this week! It's a set of three different stamps, and you can use on metal, clay, whatever!

More Swarovski Letters!

More crystal letters - so Abby, Tracy, Deborah, Mary and Sandra can have their initials too!

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