Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sneek Peek at stuff that won't be online

Most everything that we have in the store is available online - with a few notable exceptions that have to do with logistics. ;-)

With Marg recently back from Tucson, we have a number of One-of-a-Kind stone focal beads that we just can't offer online - as each one is unique. But, I can show you some photos and you can decide to drop into the store. Store hours and a map are here.

These are actually beads - they mostly have a hole from side to side, near the top.

For instance - this is Owyhee Laguna Lace Agate - the prices range from $24 to $38.

This is Australian Variscite - from $30 to $65.

This is a lovely jasper - very silky colours - prices range from $10 to $25 each.

This is a Crazy Lace Agate - they are $12 each.

These are Fossil Coral - These are actually cabochons, not beads. They range from $8 - $12, depending on the size. I like the dark one - I think he looks like an owl!

Some wonderful Red Creek Jasper. Look at all that variety! $7.50 each!

Turquoise - $16 each.

And there's more besides. So - just another reason to come in person! Come and get lost in the beads!

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