Saturday, March 06, 2010

Sneak Peek at Upcoming Weeks

A few days ago, I mentioned that the stuff I had sent back from Tucson had arrived. I thought you might l ike to see some pictures of what you'll be seeing on the website over the next few weeks.

First off, for you cabochon lovers, there's some gorgeous dyed Impression Jasper. There will be matching beads as well.

Then, there's a lot more of the large hole beads that proved so popular. The holes in these are in two different sizes. One is large enough to fit the Pandora/Troll bracelets. We will also be carrying sterling grommets that fit these beads for a finished look. The other large-hole beads have holes that are larger than usual, but smaller than the Pandora-sized beads. These are just right for leather or waxed cotton cords, or kumihimo cords.

Of course, there will be lots and lots of great freshwater pearls! Coins, Biwa sticks, baroques, and rounds in lots of colours. There must have been about a hundred pounds of pearls in the shipment

Of course I bought lots of metal beads as well. These are the plated, copper based beads which give you the look of solid sterling for a fraction of the cost. And of course, there is lots and lots of chain, in gold, plated silver, copper and a new enamelled black chain.

Last, but certainly not least, there are the stone beads. Everything from rough chunks of pyrite, pink quartz, amethyst, to ethnic-looking burnt agate, to the best Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.


Anonymous said...

Blast!! I am going to have to hit up the bank for a second mortgage!! Those are beautiful beads. Sigh!!

Erin said...

drool, ummm yeah, pretty sweet job unpacking and handling all those luscious beads!