Monday, March 22, 2010

Off Again and New Shapes

Hey ho - off again. But this trip is a working trip. Of the best kind. Beads. Crystals. We're off to a Swarovski conference. Are you jealous yet!

BTW - the Swarovski Crystallized site has a survey and you could win a bracelet - if you want to go visit and answer a few questions.


I mentioned last week that there was a new colour of Pearl - but there is also a new shape!

The new shape is 5840 Baroque Pearl.

New Shapes in the Crystal Beads

This is a new addition to the "Floral" series of shapes - this is 6902 Zinnia Pendant. This joins the Orchid and Lily Pendants.

34769041002001 Crystallized - Swarovski Elements Pendant - 30 mm Lily (6904) - Crystal Silver Shadow (1)

34769061001001 Crystallized - Swarovski Elements Pendant - 20 mm Orchid (6906) - Crystal Golden Shadow (1)

The Cosmic Ring expands and goes square - well - squarish. I like this irregular shape better, I think. This is Cosmic Square Ring Fancy Stone 4437.

And speaking of square - this is new - the double drilled Square Bead 5180.

I have some ideas for this already.

The most exciting new shape, however, is the Artemis Bead, 5540. This is a Cone shape, with a pronounced dimple in the large end. I'm looking forward to playing with these!

And, we round up with the Wing Bead 5590.

More new stuff to cover next week - I'll give you a hint. If it's not new colours or new shapes, what could it possibly be? ;-)

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