Monday, March 08, 2010

Lampworking 101 Part A --begins tomorrow!

I did include a reminder about Dwyn's 4 week Introduction to Lampworking class last week as we were re-working the dates a bit.

This 4-week lampworking course is for beginners. Fascinated with the idea of making your own glass beads? You've seen these beads in jewelry, in collections. You seen them online and on ebay. You're intrigued with these handmade works of art and the process of making them yourself draws you like … a moth to the flame? In this 4-week class, you will learn how to make your very own glass beads, starting with nothing but the glass and a flame. Plenty of practice time for each technique will be included.

Each student will have their own torch to work at. Beads will be annealed and available for pick up at the next class.

Topics covered will include: (but not be limited to!)

  • The basic round bead
  • Dots & Bumps
  • Beads don't have to be round: Using tools to shape the glass.
  • Stringers, Twisties.
  • Raking and Poking
  • Controlling the glass

Also covered:

  • Safety
  • Setting up a home studio
  • Selecting equipment

This class is appropriate for complete beginners or those who have taken an Introduction to Lampworking

There are still a few spaces left. Don't miss out on this fabulous class!

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