Monday, March 01, 2010

Dazzling Bracelet!!!!!

s21586 Books -  Beaded Opulence - by Marcia DeCosterBack in September of last year, we got in a book with some fabulous seedbead work in it. You may remember - I pointed out that there was a truly stunning design on page 89, and, as I would clearly never have the time nor the skill to execute it - if anyone wanted to make it for me, I would happily trade lampwork beads for the labour!

Well - Rona Lawson took me up on the challenge. I sent her the beads, and she worked away at it - and here it is - is it not tres magnifique?

I'm blown away! How amazing is this?

The construction of it is very interesting - Rhona told me that it was sort of like assembling a "Terry's Chocolate Orange." It is a series of crescent shaped segments. The whole thing is on stretchy strands and so slips over the wrist easily and is very comfortable to wear.

Rhona doesn't have a website yet - but if you'd like to commission her to make something for you, contact her by email. ;-)

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