Saturday, March 06, 2010

Sneak Peek at my Work Table

Does your work table have a "Helper." Some one to lose beads, unsort, and misplace for you.

Do you have a demon cat looking over your shoulder while you work? Well - why the heck not?


Anonymous said...

Poor demon have been photoshopping him!! (G)

And I would love a closer view of the labels on your drawers (I mean the ones holding your jewels...nope that is not coming out right either, lol)

Perhaps I will start over. OTOH, maybe I won't. But you do look rather organized.

Erin said...

he looks like one of my "helpers" So cute! And you just can't stay mad if they "help" a little too much!

Erin said...

he looks like my "helper" Too cute! And of course you can't stay mad if they "help" too much!

dragonjools said...

I have NOT been photoshopping him. ;-) That's just the flash reflecting off his shiny retina and all the blood vessels. Quite spectacular, eh? I thought it was funny because the new camera is supposed to reduce red-eye -but apparently - he's just got too much red for it!