Monday, June 15, 2009


You know someone is having a bad day when you walk up them and they are on the cell phone saying:

... the police are on their way honey, so just lock yourself in the house and let the firemen deal with it.

All of these snippets are taken from the last 3 days in my life. It's been a lively weekend. :-P Hence the late post.

  • ... what is our protocol for raccoons?
  • ... omigawd - how long has her leg been like that?
  • ... Listen - you don't have it so bad. The guy who is threatening to commit suicide has now locked himself in the bathroom.
  • ... the building inspector says it isn't up to code.
  • ... I want a maaaaap.
  • ... where the heck are you taking me?
  • ... did you leave the gate open?
  • ... tell me you parked the tractor in the garage!
  • ... You should have come in when this happened.
  • ... and the "check engine" light came on again right away.

Feel free to add your own cryptic phrases in the comments and repeat after me "What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger." ;-)


jen said...

Mommy, if a fish is lying on the floor - Does that mean it's dead?

Moooooommmmyyyyy- What happened to bluey? Did Maya kill it?

barb said...

I'm sorry to tell you, but we don't think you're a fit. We are letting you go......