Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Art Clay Certification Classes are coming to Beadfx!

For all of those die hard Art Clayers, we have exciting news--Heather Bell-Denison will now be offering Level One Art Clay Silver Certification courses! This class will include the completion of 9 specific projects that will cover a variety of techniques and types of Art clay. Projects include making flat and round shank rings, use of syringe clay, creating a mirror finish, a brooch, pendants and much more. Upon successful completion of the certification students will be entitled to a 35% discount on Art Clay Silver. This is a specialized course for people interested in learning and demonstrating proficiency in the use of Art Clay Silver.

We are still updating our computer systems so the information has not been put up on the site yet, BUT you can register. This is a four day class, class dates are Friday July 3rd to Monday July 6th. Classes will run from 10-5pm from Friday to Sunday and 10-1pm on the Monday. The fee is $890.00, this includes the four class days and the kit fees.

Those wanting to register should call the store to do so. There are only 5 spaces available so I would not delay if you are interested.

If you are looking for something else we have tons of great stuff going on over the next couple of weeks. Thursday June 11 we have Rosemary's Celtic Star Pendant.

Saturday June 13 and Sunday June 14th Amy Waldman-Smith is offering a 2 day Introduction to Glass Bead Making.

Saturday June 13th from 10-1pm is Robert Burton's Silver Braided Bracelet class.

Stephanie Dixon is also here on Saturday June 13th from 2-5pm with her Wire Bead Crochet Mulistrand Necklace course.

Sunday June 14th is Ring Day--we have Stephanie Dixon's Bling Ring from 11-1pm

And then we have Robert Burton's Wire Wrapped Gem Stone Ring and Pendant class from 1:30-4:30pm.

New Catherine Winter class just posted on June 20th from 10-1pm, How to Price your Jewelry: Starting a Microbusiness. This is a really informative class that will help you get ready to start your own business.

Don't forget we have Happy Hour Torching from 5pm-9pm, buy one hour get one free. Dwyn will be in around 7:00, remember to call and reserve your torch.

Happy Beading!
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