Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This Week at Beadfx....

I am a bit behind today, so this is going up a bit late. As many of you may know we have quite a few different instructors here at Beadfx. And I know that we always mention the instructor by name, but we do not always talk about who they really are. So, I will be including a brief bio on a different instructor each week in my blog in the coming weeks.

This week we will be featuring Stephanie Dixon. Stephanie has been a "hooker" since the age of 9. Originally from Montreal, she learned to crochet in grade 4 and was hooked. Stephanie started her business Dixon Chicks to showcase her crochet work. Her interest in beads took root while exploring her Aunt Penny's jewellery box and craft room while on her annual vacation to the Adirondacks of New York State. Stephanie says, "I have always loved the connectedness of all arts and crafts and how they intersect, how we can grow as artists by dabbling in other mediums. I also love the interplay of colour and beading allows me to have adventures with colour, size and texture combinations". Stephanie is a proud member of the Toronto Bead Society and the Toronto Crochet Guild (aka Toronto Hook-ups). In recognition of her volunteerism, she was recently appointed a Fellow of McLaughlin College at York University.

Stephanie has two classes coming next weekend. Saturday June 20th from 2-5pm is the Wire Crochet Cuff Bracelet. This is an intermediate level class, the Wire Bead Crochet Basics course is recommended.

If you are looking for the Wire Bead Crochet Basics course you are in luck, Stephanie is offering it on Sunday June 21st from 1-4pm.

Stephanie has a lot of classes coming this summer so stay tuned for details!

Catherine Winter's How to Price Your Jewelry: Starting a Microbusiness is coming up on Saturday June 20th from 10-1:15pm.

Wednesday June 24th from 4-8pm is An Introduction to Lampworking with Dwyn Tomlinson.

Thursday June 25th is How to Have a Successful Craft Show with Catherine Winter from 6-9:15pm.

Charmed I'm Sure with Heather Bell-Denison is on Saturday June 27th from 10-5pm. This is an Introductory class.

Saturday and Sunday June 27th and 28th Amy Waldman-Smith has a two day Glass Bead Making weekend. This class is just about full, only one spot remaining!

Also a reminder for all of those who are interested in the Level One Art Clay Silver Certification class, I know the details are not on the site yet, but they should be by late next week. Just in case here they are again--
The course runs from Friday July 3rd to Monday July 6th. Friday to Sunday is 10-5pm and Monday runs from 10-1pm. Cost is $890.00 and fees include the kit. Interested students can call the store and register at anytime.

Happy Hour Torching is continues this week. Thursday from 5-9pm, buy one hour get one free! Dwyn will be in around 7ish for advice or questions. Call the store to reserve your torch.

Please keep checking the website for our summer schedule. It should be up over the next couple of weeks!!

Happy Beading

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