Thursday, June 18, 2009

A birds eye view

Into the bead and button show....

Marg sent an email this morning to our internal email list letting us know that Sara (aka softflexgirl) had just posted a bunch of videos on her Youtube page. Sara will be posting videos regularly on the use of softflex products. If you want inspiration, here's another place to look!

As I'm sure you know it's easy to get sucked into Youtube - as I was watching the softflex videos, I discovered a couple of bead and button video's. I've embedded two of them here - then head on over to youtube - there are a few more.


Softflexgirl said...

Thanks so much for posting my videos! :)

If you click on the html tab, you and change the code to 400 wide by 295 tall in 2 places, the video will fit better on your blog. One of the many lessons I have learned with my new camera.

I hope to post a new how to or industry related video each week.

Take care,

dragonjools said...

Thanks - got it fixed!