Friday, June 26, 2009

Marg's Eye Candy

Marg makes awesome beady stuff. Stuff that blows my mind for patience, skill and precision - and then she's all "what - this little thing - I just whipped it up!"

This past trip to Bead and Button - where she signed up for classes - resulted in these stunning lovelies!

She assures me that this stunning extravaganza of 3 mm crystals (something like 5 gross of them!) was really pretty easy and quick to do. Oh yeah - right.

And then there is this lacy item - isn't this divine?

And finally - this work-in-progress. Love these colours!

1 comment:

The Dixon Chick said...

I saw the first necklace in real life shortly after Marg finished it in Milwaukee. It is even more breathtaking in real life. LOVE IT!!!!!

Way to go Marg!