Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wow, Brain freeze

Dwyn and I have officially lost it ;-) Well, I guess I really should speak for myself. Thursday, and Friday are my days to post the blog. Saturday is Dwyn's.

Dwyn called me this morning from out and about somewhere to ask me to post something on the blog, as she had forgotten to queue something up today. As soon as she said 'blog', I froze, and realized that I had missed two days of posts! So I blubbered my apologies, and am now sitting down at the computer. Do I have anything beady to talk about? Not really ;-) I'm about to head out with the kids and the dog to go on a nice long walk, and a picnic. A day away from broken computers will be good for me. My laptop is out for repair, my main computer decided to stop working once the mother board blew out. Technology is not being kind to me lately.

So, I'm off to have a computer free weekend as much as possible. I hope you all enjoy your weekends - have fun outside, pack a lunch and your beads, and have a bead picnic!

Next weeks sneak peek - lots of sterling clasps!

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