Thursday, June 04, 2009

Update on the kitten

No luck unfortunately . The cute little ball of black fur was nowhere to be found. I do hope he's safe!

As disappointed as I am with my lack of a new pet, we decided that it's time for Maya to learn how to take care of animals. Maya turns 6 this weekend...can you believe it? Yikes, time flies. As a birthday present, she's getting a small aquarium. (she wanted rats) I'm sure Dan and I will be doing most of the work. We're setting up the tank this week, and next week she can pick out a few small guppies and tetras to put in her new fishtank :-) I had no idea that had neon pink and pastel blue fish - I can't remember if they were guppies, or tetras, or bettas. They were brilliantly coloured, and of course they will clash intensely with the decorations her and her sister picked out.

We have bright multi-coloured gravel, a dragon, some seashells, and ariel :-)


Anonymous said...

if you post pictures of said fish, I should be able to identify them for you!

dragonjools said...

The bettas are the ones with the long flowing tails and fins - like the beads I make! They won't tolerate another male in their territory - so I'm guessing that wasn't what you got!