Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Oh, I almost found a kitten last night. I’m a sucker, big time. My husband is actually allergic to cats, and I really shouldn’t even have entertained the idea…but there he was. (and hey, that’s what reactine is for)

I was leaving beadFX last night, and we’re in an industrial area. By the side of the road was the tiniest little black kitten. At first, I could just see this little ball of black fur. We pulled over into the bank parking lot, and I crossed the road to get a better look. He was so, so tiny, and so very scared. Unfortunately, he took off, and ran into a huge bush. I stayed for a while, and tried to coax him out. No luck.

We have a lot of wild cats in the area, and there is a wonderful group of people that come by to take them to be neutered/spayed, and feed them. I’m not sure if it was one of those cats or not. This kitten looked very clean.

I’m going to go back and hunt for him today, and get him to a safe place if I can…how much do you want to bet I’ll end up keeping him? :-)

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LiseF said...

Good luck
Hope you will find the cat ...