Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Most Valuable Jewelry Making Resource on the Internet

If you want to make jewelry - seriously want to make jewelry - and you listen to nothing else I ever say - listen to this. The most comprehensive and complete jewelry making reference and forum is Ganoksin - known to participants of the mailing list as the "orchid list."

The reference material, articles, videos - are a huge help to those who want to learn - or are just curious.

And the mailing list, although very high volume - has a huge amount of information on it. If you can take the time to read it - you will learn lots from people making a living being goldsmiths and jewelers.

I highly recommend it!

And if you agree with me - send them some money - they have a donate via paypal button. They have been serving up this information free of charge for years - their website says since '96 - and I think I've been reading it on and off since about '98. They deserve your support. ;-)

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