Friday, May 08, 2009

New Product Launch at John Bead

One of our suppliers did a big to do with a new product launch today. Reps from Tierra Cast, Jablonex, Softflex, and Unicorne Beads were there to show off all of the new goodies coming down the line. Each manufacturer had a variety of Make and Takes available. Unfortunately, we couldn't spend all day to take advantage of that, but Marg and I had a chance to chat with each of the reps.

Softflex had a fabulous display of designs featuring their new coloured softflex. I'll be working up some of the designs to showcase in our inspirations next week. Fun stuff!

Tierra Cast was featuring the findings that you can glue paper, beads, swarovski's into. Some really neat ideas! Some of the findings will accept a 12mm Swarovski Rivoli...these were stunning, and we'll be adding those to our line as well.

Here's a few pics that I snapped on my cell phone - please excuse the quality!

Samples from Tierra Cast
Linda from John Bead at the Tierra Cast Booth

This bracelet was made by one of the reps from Jablonex. Unfortunately, of course the picture is beyond awful, and you can't see it - But it was stunning. She used the metal links/separator/coupling bar that can be found here - Cut down to size for the bracelet.

Beth from Unicorne Beads
Laurie-Ann from Unicorne teaching a Make and Take.

Samples from Softflex.

Sara Harding from SoftFlex! Hey Sara - see you look great on no sleep :-)

More samples from Tierra Cast.

I hope I didn't miss anyone. Oohhh, I did get to listen in on a talk from Douglas Ho, the owner of Unicorne Beads. Douglas gave a speech on best practices for the bead industry. Very informative, and of course nothing that Marg and I didn't already know, but you tend to forget things over time. Well worth the time!

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Softflexgirl said...

Yes, thankfully I don't look quite as bad as I may have felt! It was a pleasure to visit with you Bead FX-ers! :)