Monday, May 04, 2009

Hanging Around

Necessity is the mother of invention - there is probably no truer an axiom on the planet. Mostly, we invent new things and new ways of doing things because we need to. ;-)

So - I was out of bails one day ... and had already wired up the pendant, and the loop was too small for the chain. I didn't have a jumpring big enough or sturdy enough - but I did have some of these "S" shaped clasps.

So I used that to attach the pendant to the chain. And it works really well - and now it's a device that I use on purpose, instead of as an act of desperation!

And, as a added bonus, you can use it if you want to swap pendants on and off a chain. Remember to bend the wire to the side - just like jumprings - to open it. Don't pull straight out - doing that repeatedly will fatigue the metal and it will break.

And, we have some of these "S" hooks in copper coming live on the site on Wed!


Figgs said...

I am planning to use those clasps as a link on tne sides of a necklace. They are quite useful, as well as attractive.

I have also used a lobster claw clasp to attach a big puffy copper heart and it can then be swapped.

Learned something from you though...I was pulling it straight out, not sideways, sigh. But only once when using it as a clasp. How big is that one of yours??

dragonjools said...

The bigger one, on the red pendant - is about 18 mm.

Yep - open to the side. You're right - for a single opening - you can get away w pulling out - but why make it harder for yourself (when everyone else is happy to make it harder for you!)