Thursday, May 07, 2009

Lampwork Finally

Yeeesh, I never thought I'd have so much trouble posting the beads this week. Let's hope that next week is better!

How to Buy: Send an email to with code of the bead you would like. We can either, and let us know how you would prefer to pay for it. We've got lots of options for you!

Without further ado....

Up first, we have a 30mm diameter puffy tab bead from Erin of Airwynn Glass - Code Lampwork2-8 $29.00

Next up, a nice big Dwyn sized focal tab. Lots going on in this one. You'll be staring into it for hours...(no that's why it took me a week to put these up) 45mm x 30mm Code: lampwork2-7 $25.00

And we have another lovely by Dwyn, and my fave by gotta love cobalt and silver ;-) 35mm x 30mm Code: lampwork2-6 $ 20.00

Cranberries! A 9 bead set from Amy Waldman - the biggest measures 20mm x 23mm - Code: Lampwork2-5 $ 34.00

Hmmm, the pic didn't come up quite right on this one It's far more ivory and mauve than is showing. Lovely!! - Andria 29mm x 25mm Thin flat tab. Code: lampwork2-4 $19

Next up, an impressionist floral with lots of vines and flowers in this bicone. Elly Peters 34mm x 15mm code: Lampwork2-3 $18.00

Ribbons! Very funky focal by Amy Waldman - 30mm x 30mm Code: lampwork2-2 $36.00

Last up...Dichro ...Wowsers, this one is brilliant. Made by Dwyn 32mm x 40mm Code: lampwork2-1 $20.00

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