Monday, May 18, 2009

Victoria Day

What a gorgeous morning it is out there - just stunning. Get outside and enjoy it! Instead of sitting down to make jewelry or write up a technique - which, by the way - what do you all need to know? - cuz I've covered a lot of the basics. Anyway, grab a coffee and join me in my morning meander around the garden.

Say - do you remember my buying a Chinese Tree Peony last year? Well - it survived the winter and has a single, big, fat bud on it! Look at how fat that bud is!

And how about this awesome, juicy shade of green as the ferns unfold! They have a little sun now, but as the foliage around them fills in - they will be in a perfect, shady spot!

The Crab Apple has exploded in it spring time riot of colour. Say - have you thought of using turquoise and tourmaline together? How about that pink! Or is it red?

The Uncrabby Apple is similarly covered in flowers - promising a branch-bending load of fruit, that will slowly sweeten from August through November - and provide months of happy do-it-yourself desserts for my dogs who love to eat the windfalls.

Lots of Irises out, and they seem early this year. I think all the rain made them feel like they were growing in a swamp! All my irises have been gifts from friends as they thinned their own iris patches out. In a few years, I'll be doing the same myself!

This strange bush puzzles me - I've seen it in nurseries labeled "Bush Cherry" - but it never produces fruit. It's a rather scraggly shrub with red leaves - and it's spring time bloom is pretty much its redeeming feature. Especially as it is oddly located smack in the middle of the lawn.

And this is one of the apple-snacking dogs. This is Abby - who is standing in the backyard. Standing may not seem like much of an accomplishment, but on Good Friday, she collapsed with a herniated disc and her hindquarters were completely paralyzed. One surgery and a lot of truly amazing and excellent veterinary care later from the good folks at VEC, (especially Dr. Cochrane!) and also at the Animal Rehab Centre - and she is now getting up, walking and even running a little. Every day she gets better and better, stronger and more able. (And a huge thank you to Paul of K9-Solutions - who has been boarding the young dog for me so Abby can recover in peace, without the puppy jumping on her and knocking her down.)

And finally - here's a picture of the other dog - Bones - so he doesn't feel left out. Apparently - he doesn't much like the Bush Cherry either!

Have a great Victoria Day.


Rosemary said...

I can identify your" bush cherry". It's normally called a purple sand cherry and it doesn't make fruit. It is grown mostly for the spring flowers and the purplish-red leaves make a great backdrop for other plants and provide a shot of colour. Hope this helps.


dragonjools said...

Sand cherry, Sand cherry! That's it - I mis-remembered it! Thanks! I was thinking I didn't have that quite right.

HeatherFig said...

Beautiful pictures, Dwyn!! Please post one of the peony when it is in full bloom.

And yes, that is one of the decorative Japanese cherry bushes. I have 2 in the backyard. Think they were called *sand cherry*.

Mixing-Katie said...

What lovely garden photos!! I'm so glad that spring is finally here.