Monday, May 11, 2009

Fixing an Oops!

Yes - oopses happen to all of us. I was making this rather handsome necklace, and I secured the final crimp, added the crimp cover, trimmed the line, and all seemed well. I went to try it on, and the crimp let go on one side. It had gone on sort of crooked - but resisted my tugging - so I thought it was okay. The clasp slid off - leaving me with a short, short end that there was no way I going to get back through the clasp and into a replacement crimp. OK - how to fix this without restringing the entire piece?

Fortunately, there were some beads in the pattern that have really big holes, and one not too far away from the clasp (about 2 inches) - perfect!

I unstrung back to the big-hole bead, and removed it as well.

I then took a new length of bead wire and slid a crimp over it and the new wire, and slid it the crimp right up to the last strung bead on the necklace. I left a tail on the new piece of wire.

I then crimped that into position. And to be extra sure of the connection, I tied the tail of the new wire over the crimp to the tail of the old wire.

Then I put the big holed bead back on - sliding it over the crimp with the knot over it (it needed a little encouragement) and I had 3 wires sticking out - one long one and and two short ends. I trimmed the two shorts ends, and then restrung the rest of the necklace, reattaching the clasp at the end - more carefully this time.

Voila - all better now and who could tell!

My copper turquoise necklace with dragon and phoenix beads has risen from the ashes of disaster!

The upside of failures like this is that I get a blog post out of it.

I live to be a bad example to you all!

I'll post this as an inspiration shortly if you want to make your own!


Heather said...

Excellent advice. It has happened to me, but somehow I managed to get the millimetres of wire into a new crimp.

And I love that necklace, so do put it in the Inspirations. I have a few of those cylindrical beads that I bought in Europe that will do just fine!!

Working on my version of your Evolution bracelet at the moment and it is looking good.

Michelle said...

I never thought of doing something like that. I have had the same happen and restrung the whole necklace. Wonderful suggestion.

The necklace is beautiful and very inspiring.

A said...

Super idea. I just discovered your site in step by step Jewelry mag. It is really great. My first time to sign up for RSS also. Oh, so many firsts... Your instructions are so detailed and clear. Thank you so much for that.

Anonymous said...

That is brilliant! I have also had this happen more than once, and this solution NEVER crossed my mind. Thank you so much for sharing this. Sheryl

Anonymous said...

I've also had crimps fail, some I've fought with, struggling to rescue, magically the jewellery somehow becomes smaller, (because of course, "it was too big to begin with"). ;~). This method, for me then, manages to necessitate a different clasp, and of course chain, so that the bracelet, or necklace becomes fully adjustable, hmm, ..... funny how that happens! Other times, when I decide after an hour of fighting with the remaining beading wire, that it just isn't worth it, I admit to giving in and use a new length of bead wire, and re-string and re-crimp. Both methods work, at least for me anyway!