Thursday, May 07, 2009

You can't call it that!

27001297 Window Beads - 12 x 14 mm Beveled Oval - Montana (1)So - I'm behind a minivan in an intersection - typical minivan - and it has the model name on the side. "Montana" it says. And the van is a dark green.

And I thinks to myself, thinks I: "They can't call it that and paint it that colour. If its Montana - it has to be blue. And a dark blue at that."

I've spent so much time living with beads that Montana is a shade of dark blue - and woe to anyone who tries to tell me otherwise.

Oddly enough, I didn't have a problem with Don Cherry having a white dog called Blue. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dwyn,
Are there any of your 'Curdled Ivory' beads from your DragobJools blog posted March 9th available? Any! I think I might like 1... Just wondering!

dragonjools said...

Let me check - I can probably make some if not. What size are you looking for?