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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Last day to pick up flowers, bakelite, agate and jasper 25% off!

Just one more day - sale ends Wed midnight! 

Happy Flowers 

s37396 Polymer Clay - 15 mm Plumeria Flower - Compassion Conquers Envy (1)We call them "Happy" because they are pretty and make us smile! 

25% off!

Vintage Bakelite

s36677 Vintage Bakelite - 22 mm Round - Root Beer (1)Vintage Bakelite - the genuine article - in storage for decades!

25% off!




We had to do some reorganizing in the Stone Beads - it was getting too big for the website software. All the Agate, conveniently in one place. The beauty of Mother Earth's creation's is amazing!
Agate (Stone Beads)


Likewise for the Jasper stone beads. Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

Jasper (Stone Beads)

Sale starts on Wed Midnight.
and ends on Wed midnight.
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