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Monday, September 22, 2014

InspirationFX: Champagne on Ice


Get your creative juices flowing

Champagne on Ice

by: Lee Metsalo

This bracelet is inspired by a necklace worn by a model in a champagne ad.  There were many references to the elegance of the champagne – and the model looked lovely – unfortunately there is no way to give credit to the artist who made the necklace worn in the photo shoot.  The best we can do is crack open some bubbly and drink a toast in the artist’s honour.

To assemble:

1.      Cut four strands of Softflex three inches longer than you want your bracelet to be.  The finishing is slightly fiddly; you will appreciate the extra cord to work with at the end.
2.      This bracelet is constructed starting from the centre, and working your way out towards each end.  I strung the centre columns first, put bead stoppers on the one side, and strung the pearls/donuts onto the other side.  Then put the bead stoppers on the ends of the cords on the complete side, and string the pearls/donuts onto the other side.
3.      Test for fit, add or subtract a row or two of pearls if necessary.  Use crimp beads and wire guardians to secure the Softflex to the clasp, ensuring that all the strands remain in the correct order.  Tuck in any extra Softflex into the pearls.  Slide the beads down against the finished side of the bracelet.  Make sure the clasp is closed.  Use crimp beads to secure the Softflex on the other side of the clasp, ensuring again that all strands remain in the correct order, and ensuring no gaps appear between the pearls.  Cover all squished crimp beads with knot covers.
4.      Uncork the champagne, pour and celebrate!

Tools used:  cutters, flat pliers, crimp pliers



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