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Sunday, September 14, 2014

InspirationFX: Good Things in Small Packages


Get your creative juices flowing

Good Things in Small Packages

by: Lee Metsalo

Why should the big Swarovski beads get all the attention?  The tiniest ones can also make pretty pieces!  This bracelet was made using two strands, two needles.  As shown, this bracelet is 19cm (7.75 in) long.

  1. Measure two strands of Fireline, about 75cm long.  You won’t use all of this, but it makes it easier to handle, and to do your knots for the closures.  Thread your needles.  Put some sort of a stopper on the Fireline about 10cm away from the opposite end of the needles.  String one bead onto each strand.
  2. Take both needles and go through a third bead, one going left to right, the other going right to left.  You will probably have to do these one at a time.  Pull the threads until snug.
  3. String one bead onto each needle and pull down to meet the other bead.
  4. Take both needles and go through a third bead, one going left to right, the other going right to left.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4, making sure your tension is even and there are minimal bits of thread showing (you don’t want to pull so tight as to scratch your beads against each other), until the bracelet is about 30mm shy of how long you want it to be – the clasp assembly as shown is 30mm.
  6. When you’re ready to attach the clasp, take both needles through the hole in the convex side of the clamshell tip through to the concave side of the clamshell tips, and slide it down.  Make several knots with both threads together, to make a knot big enough for the clamshell tip to clamp over. (You can string on a size 11/0 bead and knot around that to help you get to that size faster).  Add a dab of glue, and clamp the clamshell shut over the knot.  Trim off excess threads.  Repeat on other side.  Link the clasp pieces together and the main part of your bracelet is ready.
  7. To make the dangles, string the beads onto the headpin,  make a wrapped close to the top, and link the dangles to whichever side of the clasp you prefer with a split ring.

Tools used:  needles, scissors, flatnose pliers, E6000, Japanese size 11 needles



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