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Saturday, September 06, 2014

70 years ago ...

It was 70 years ago. The world was still in the grip of the 2nd world war. Home computers, walking on the moon, the internet, smart phones, were the stuff of science fiction. Somewhere, a new-born child cries. A mother tenderly wraps her daughter in a blanket and sets her adrift in a basket, on a river, later to lodge in the bullrushes and be discovered by a princess. No, wait - that's not right.

However, our fearless beader and owner of BeadFX has been sailing the river of time for 70 years now and has seen that stuff of science fiction come true. Except for flying cars. And rocket packs. Why do we not have flying cars yet?

And it wasn't until after her first career was over that she managed to drift into the sea of beads known as BeadFX. And found herself captaining a ship of crazy, creative, bead ladies - which is like trying to herd cats - and working harder and longer than she ever did before!

And although it is her birthday - she has decreed that YOU should have the presents! So in order to celebrate Marg's 70th birthday - we are having a Gala Birthday sale-abration with 30% off. Starting September 6 and running until midnight Sept 14 (Toronto time).
Saturday, we are going to kick this off with cake and door prizes, so drop into the store for 12:30, stop by and say hi to Marg, and take advantage of her good nature with our sale!

As with our regular sales, there are a few little rules, so pay attention, please.
30% off everything* in the store. (*Ok, almost everything. Some select items excluded.)

The exceptions are:
  • No discounts on class fees  
  • No discount on gift certificates. 
  • No discounts on Studio time/lampwork cards, lampwork tools, glass and lampwork supplies.  
  • No discounts on special order merchandise, or special bulk orders.  
  • The discount cannot be combined with Art Clay large volume or instructor discounts
  • Exception: Some items ARE excluded. Some metal clay items, some tools, and previously discounted items, and a few other items. You will be able to see online if an item is discounted. Remember - you always get the best possible discount - so if something has been discounted more than the sale discount - you will get the greatest possible discount.
Things tend to get a little crazy around here during a sale, so we have a few rules to make it go more smoothly.

  • No frequent beader points awarded on sale or discounted merchandise 
  • No frequent beader points will be redeemed during the sale 
  • The discount is NOT retroactive and does not apply to previously purchased merchandise.  
  • No special orders or special bulk orders will be accepted at the sale prices. 
  • No Rain Cheques. No backorders. When it's gone, it's gone. The early bird gets the beads. Online orders will be picked in the order in which we receive them.  
  • Sale ends Midnight, Saturday, September 14, (Toronto time) (Well - in-store it ends at closing time - because we won't make the staff stay until midnight.). If you haven't checked out by then - the items in your shopping cart will revert to regular prices. (Like the pumpkin turning back into a coach. And we can't change that - sorry.)  
  • If you are placing a phone or fax order, please ensure that you have the sku/product numbers ready, as well as the description. Same goes for email orders - as we'd prefer to not have our order picking staff have too many nervous breakdowns. It's always painful to find them hiding in the kitchen, facedown in a box of Tim Horton's donuts and crying.
  • We will be VERY busy during the sale. Having this information ready when processing your order, will help us get your order out the door in a reasonable time frame.

We do anticipate that shipping will most likely be delayed by a day or two from our usual timeframe.
So click on a link and go crazy!

Happy Shopping to you
Happy Shopping to You
Happy Shopping dear beader ...
Happy Shopping to you!!

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