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Sunday, September 28, 2014

InspirationFX: Celebrating the Jewels of India


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Celebrating the Jewels of India
by: Lee Metsalo

The spice, the textiles, the buildings, the art!  The hustle and bustle!  Everywherethere is colour and commotion!  This set is intended to celebrate all the good things that India hast to offer, and a tribute to my Indian friends.  Although I would love to make jewelry using the colours found in many of the lovely saris, I found the closest bead substitute in a fuchsia Swarovski.


1.      Use the E6000 to glue the 18mm rivoli into its setting.
2.      To set the 12mm rivolis into the bezel settings, first place the rivoli into the setting.  Using either a bezel tool (or I used chain nosed pliers, VERY carefully), begin pushing the prongs down to secure the rivoli.  If using pliers, ensure the back end of the pliers leverages off the back of the bezel, NOT the rivoli – you don’t want to scratch the coating!  Work from opposite sides to anchor evenly.  First anchor one prong on the north side, one on the south, one on the east, one on the west.  Then split the differences:  NW, SE, NE, and SW.  Keep choosing this way until all the prongs are folded over evenly.  Repeat with the other rivolis and settings.
3.      Make the four small drops by putting a 6mm round onto a headpin, trim the excess, and form a loop on top with your round nose pliers.
4.      The links for between the bezels, and all around the back, are simply eyepins with the bead(s) strung on, excess wire trimmed, and form a loop on the other side.
5.      Once the glue has set on the largest drop, that can be assembled as well, and all the prepared pieces linked together, with the clasp at the ends.


1.      Place the rivolis in their settings and close by gently pinching the loop closed at the top.
2.      Make the other links with eyepins/headpins as shown.
3.      Assemble earrings.

Tools used:  chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, cutters



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