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Thursday, September 04, 2014

James and the Magic Raspberry

James and the Magic Raspberry

s40934 Glass Beads - 5 x 16 mm Thorns - Metallic Silver (25)
ltd855-04 Glass Daggers - 5 x 16 mm Dagger Beads - Opaque Turquoise Green (25)James lived in a little cottage, with his two elderly aunts. That is, when he wasn't being a super-secret spy, wielding a Turquoise Dagger, being a Thorn in the side of Evil, and being a regular Stud with the ladies.

s40949 Glass Beads - 12 mm Bead Stud - Silky Old Copper (1)Right now, he was on leave, because of an s40971 Firepolish - 3 mm Faceted Round - Fast Chrome  [Terracolor]  (50)incident with some Fast Chrome, and a gal named Dark Amber, s40875 Glass - 48 mm Pear Drop - Dark Amber (1)who had managed to get the drop on him. And a big bad-guy s40880 Glass - Vintage - 20 mm Jawbreakers - Aqua Swirl (1)called JawBreaker. It was Rare to see him, but he was Vintage trouble, for sure.

s40884 Glass - Vintage -  Ridgey Brick - Seafoam Shampoo (1)So right now, James was hanging out in the garden, rebuilding the retaining wall with some Ridgey Bricks, weeding the flowers, and watering s40962 Firepolish - 4 mm Faceted Round - Miracle Eggplant Glow (50)the Eggplant with some Miracle Glow. s40960 Glass Flowers - 7 x 5 mm Flared Cup Flowers - Jet Sliperit (25)

He poured himself a big glasss40970 Firepolish - 3 mm Faceted Round - Aqua Celsian (50) of Aqua Celsian, and sat down under a tree on a Pink Marble chair. It was warm, the day was pleasant, and he soon nodded off. Next thing he knew, he was woken up by a Klik Snap.

"Huh, what?" - There was a Midnight s40945 Glass Beads - 10 mm Gumdrops - Light Silky Gold (6)Glow in the sky, and he could see a huge, dark shape floating down out of the sky. It sunk lower, and lower, until it finally came to rest at the bottom of the garden.

 He got up and made his way down the garden. The thing was huge. And shaped like a bunch of balloons stuck together. And smelled like fruit. s40957 Glass Daggers - 5 x 16 mm Dagger Beads - Magic Raspberry (25)Like raspberries. Like a giant, Magic Raspberry.

Then a voice called out, "Want a gumdrop?"

It was his friend, Artemis, from Spy School. 27755400166006 Swarovski Bead - 17 mm Artemis (5540) Faceted Cone - Crystal Rose Gold (1)
"Come on," yelled Artemis, "No time to waste - we're going in search of Pirate Gold. Are you coming?"

s40891 Glass - Vintage -  Cubes and Rondelles - Pirate Gold (strand)
James made his way around the base of the giant raspberry, looking for a door or a ladder, but couldn't find a way in.

"I say," he called, "how do I get in there?" And, for an answer, a giant Shepherd's hook descended 75190030-00 Klik Snap Findings -  Earring w Shepherd Hook - Silvertone (1)from the sky and lifted him up and swung him over the top, and inside the giant raspberry, which was pretty squishy and gooey inside.

75190040-01 Klik Snap Findings - 18 mm Small Watch Face - White (1)"There you are!" his friend exclaimed, "Just in time. Here's 75190002-00 Klik Snap Findings -  Curvy Leather Bracelet - Black (1)your secret spy ID bracelet. See, it has a detachable watch face, and you can snap it onto a key ring, or even make it a spy ring!"

75190020-00 Klik Snap Findings -  Ring Base - Silvertone (1)
Wow, James was impressed, and he snapped the watch on and off the leather band and on and off the key fob and even wore it as a ring for a while.
But after a while, he got tired, and so he made a Filigree leaf cap 238201001-01 Metal Bead Cap -  Filigree Leaf Cap - Bright Silver (10)from a large raspberry leaf that he found, and curled up and went to sleep.
When he woke up the next time, he was back in the garden, this time, under a raspberry bush. He could smell the raspberries as plain as anything, but there was no sign of the giant raspberry from the sky. He could hear the aunts calling him!
s40890 Glass - Vintage - 10 mm Angel Fish - Chardonnay AB (1)"James! Oh, Jaaaames! Did you remember to feed the Angelfish?"

It must have been a dream, James decided, a little sadly, and he wondered what the time was. He rolled out from under the Spike-y bushes, and climbed to his feet, and s40950 Glass Beads - 8 mm Baby Spikes - Light Silky Gold (6)looked at his wrist. There was a leather band on his wrist, and on his finger ... he looked at it and the time gleamed up at him in the moonlight, from his super secret spy ring.

Maybe it wasn't a dream after all ... .

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