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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Getting to know...Tracey Neidhardt

Tracey Neidhardt has become a familiar face at BeadFX, teaching seedbeading to many eager students.

"Since I was able to hold a pencil, I've drawn animals, people, flowers, etc. Later I picked up beading" says Tracey. "When I visited a store about 20 years ago, I saw a peyote stitched amulet pouch and said to myself 'I need to learn how to do this!'   So I took a class. It was amazing! And, I guess I’ve never looked back since then.

"Basically, I taught myself to learn other stitches by reading bead books to learn the other weaving techniques, such as brick stitch, square stitch, netting, right angle weave, and herringbone."

"Nature inspires me a lot," explains Tracey. "The leaves, trees, vines, flowers, and colours most of all. Also, quilts, tapestry, embroidery, antique prints such as linoleum and wall paper designs. Kaffe Fasset is definitely an inspiration, as is Gustav Klimt’s incredible paintings.  

Tracey adds, "I tend to see something inspiring, get an idea in my mind, and then basically pick up a needle and thread. I don’t graph out patterns generally. I make it up as I go – much more fun and creative for me, personally! It can be anything – a bracelet design, a three dimensional ring, a pendant. Colour is very important to me."

When asked if she collects and records ideas for projects, Tracey answered, "No, generally I don’t – only in my mind that is!  I remember patterns in nature, textiles, art, etc. that I would like to put into a beaded creation, and then I go from there."

"I absolutely love teaching. I enjoy the interest people take in creating something unique, the 'Oh my goodness, this is so much fun!' aspect from my students. Also, the process of students just beginning, then realizing they can do it, and then knowing they have created something special in just a few hours. And – having folks come back to me to show off their other masterpieces at a later time! If I could, I’d teach every day."

Tracey's advice to others who create? "If you can imagine it – you can create it," says Tracey. "Don’t be afraid of colour! You have a better  inner colour palette than you think!"

Upcoming classes with Tracey Neidhardt:

Peyote Ring with Crazy Embellishment
Thursday, September 18
6:00 - 9:00pm


Brick Stitch Leaf Earrings
Thursday, October 16
6:00 - 9:00pm

1 comment:

Mona J said...

Tracey..your work is beautiful ! The ring in the first picture in the article is unbelievable. I would so love to learn how to make it! But since I live too far away (and it appears not to be a class offered) that is not to be... Thank you for sharing your love and awesome talent for beading.
With much respect, Mona