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Monday, September 01, 2014

InspirationFX: Sweetheart Stampede


Get your creative juices flowing

Sweetheart Stampede

by: Bonnie Cottingham\

This is a necklace with a clasp, jumprings, or other fiddly bits. I wanted to make something very organic - using stone and leather. The light leather colour and the softness of the Rose Quartz goes together very nicely.

Cut the leather in half, and fold the two pieces in half.

Secure the Gogo donut with a Lark's Head knot (push the folded end through the hole, and pop the tails through the loop and pull tight.)

Pass the ends through the hole in the donut to make the necklace, and string the hex and rondelle beads after (otherwise - they won't go through.).



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