Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Swarovski Rhinestone Chain Bangle

I'll admit it.... I'm a little fluffy in the wrists. I can't usually buy ready made bangles as they are too small for my wide hand span and I haven't taken Iris Melamad's Soldering course yet so I could make my own.  So you can imagine my happiness when I found some at a ladies clothing store that actually fit!!

As pretty as they are in goldtone, silvertone and copper, I really felt they needed something MORE. 


Boy, did I find it in the new Swarovski rhinestone chain. It's available in Fucshia and Crystal AB in a brass setting. It's gorgeous. 

I measured the circumference of the bangle and it was ten inches, so I bought  ten inches of each colour. Using an armslength of 22 gauge non tarnish brass wire, I wrapped the wire to secure it to the bangle and then wrapped it two to three times between each rhinestone setting. I ended the wire with a spiral so that it would not catch. 

I am so loving these bangles. I think I need to make a few more!!!

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