Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cool Off with a Dip in the Ocean

It is so hot here in Toronto. It's 9:30 pm and it's currently 39 Celsius or 102.2 Fahrenheit.

I would like nothing better than to hop into a lake, a pond, a pool or the ocean to cool off. As I can't do that at the moment, I think I'll pretend by surfing our website for ocean theme names. Dwyn is so good at naming beads and colours. My favourite is Muck and Scum, but jumping into that would only add to my discomfort.

Let's cool off with Pacific, Seafoam and Aqua....aaahhhhh. You can click on the title of each item and it will take you directly to that item's page on the website.

Para Wire - 18 gauge Round Wire - Pacific Blue (4 yards)

Swarovski Elements Bead - 8 mm Faceted Round (5000) - Pacific Opal (1)

Firepolish - 5 x 3 mm Faceted Donut Rondelles - Seafoam and Sand AB (Strand 50)


Czech Seedbeads - 2 Hole Superduo Twins - Seafoam Green Turquoise

Glass Daggers - 5 x 15 mm Dagger Beads - Seafoam (25)

Miyuki - 3.4 mm Fringe Drops - Lavender Lined Aqua 

Miyuki TILA - 2 Hole Japanese Flat Square - Transparent Aqua Matte AB



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