Thursday, July 04, 2013

Beautiful July Summertime!

s36730 Beads - 10 mm Flat Leather -  Butterfly - Antiqued Silver (1)Summertime, and the beading is easy
Butterfly beads, slide onto leather so fine

s36723 Stringing - 5 mm Flat Leather Suede - Turquoise (Inch)Rich new colours, in flat and round leather
So hush, little darlin' - you'll make a great design!

It's summer - the weather is what you were wishing for in February - time to relax and Be Creative!
If your taste is currently running to "instant gratification" - then you are in luck - as we got you more of the leather and findings and beads to go with it!

For instance - these butterfly beads are a design tour de force - super attractive from either side, and the "open" side can certainly leave you wondering - how does it stay on there?
As36733 Findings - 10 mm Flat Leather -  Simulated Buckle - Antiqued Silver (1)lso in the "that's so cool" category are these Simulated Buckle clasps. They are all metal but designed to look like
 buckled leather when fastened.

These Double Wide clasps take two pieces of 10 mm flat leather, or four pieces of 5 mm, or one s36734 Findings - 10 mm Flat Leather - Double Wide Zippy Magnetic Clasp - Antiqued Silver (1)10 and two fives, so now you don't have to choose just a single colour! Speaking of colour - this new turquoise is simply delish!
So check out the Leather Supplies and see what speaks to you! Oh, and btw, did you notice we added little icons on the site so you could find the new stuff more easily? ;-)

dbl1849 Delicas - 8/0 Japanese Cylinders - Duracoat Galvanized Magenta (5 grams)If your idea of summertime beading involves long slow projects that last for weeks, then you will be happy that we have still more choices in tb8h167bd Japanese Seedbeads - 8/0 Toho Hexagon - Transparent Azure RainbowJapanese seedbeads! Delica 8/0s - for instance, or, if you prefer, Toho 8/0 Hexagons!
Also Toho 8/0s and 11/0 round seedbeads! And a couple of Toho 15/0 seedbeads in nice metallics!
tb15rpf557 Japanese Seedbeads - 15/0 Toho Seedbeads - Metallic Light Gold [Permanent Finish]

So - instant gratification or detailed anticipation - the choice is yours!

Don't forget - on sale this week - beading cable (wire) - Softflex, Econoflex, or Beadalon. Stock up on your favourite or make this an opportunity to try something new!

And you should also absolutely check out the upcoming Summer Arts Camp classes we have coming up! July is just packed with classes - but the week of the 15th is Summer Arts Camp. All the fun and creativity of Summer Camp - with no bugs and no home sickness either! Great beginner classes designed for tweens and teens - 11 - 17 years old.  And you can even take the class with your daughter, granddaughter, niece or even no-relation-at-all. (Or son, grandson, nephew. Tell them it will be a great way to meet girls when they are older.)

Weekly sale ends Wednesday midnight, prices revert at midnight the following Wed - so finalize the sale before then to lock in the savings.

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