Friday, July 26, 2013

In the Classroom with Pam

Pam delivered a one, two punch this week with Shooting Stars on Thursday night and a private class in Friday during the day. 

With permission from Kalmbach, Pam taught a project from Anna Elizabeth Draeger's book, Crystal Play. Here are some pics from the class. 

Today she taught a private class focusing on wrapped loops arranged by a woman for her and her two nieces. Did you know that you can request private classes? Well, now you do! Contact Pam at the store and she can set it up for you. Most of our instructors offer one on one classes if you find that's best for you. 

The auntie and nieces were so creative!!! I see a jewellery designer in the making with the youngest one. Here she is posing with her bracelet. It was so fun to stage this shot. 

She used all sorts of the new neon beads in combination with Swarovski butterfly beads. I think I may have to make one of these myself. 

Her sister used the neon spikes and gum balls with black chain and gunmetal head pins. 

Here's what auntie made with cinnabar beads. 

Way to go, Pam!!

You can view all our class offerings on our website. I'm sure you'll find something interesting!

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Jo-Ann said...

Shooting star class was great. Maria loved my finished pendant.

Thanks Pam!!