Thursday, July 11, 2013

It takes a Headpin to get ahead ...

22601029 Findings - Headpins - 1.5 inch 20 gauge - Goldplated (100)22601238 Findings - EYEpins - 2 inch 20 gauge - Goldplated (100)but beauty is in the eyepin of the beholder ...

Headpins and eyepins - they ain't glamorous - like most findings - but they are part of the architecture of jewelry making!

We're adding more sizes - lengthwise and thickness-wise. These are more helpfully labeled with the gauge of the wire - so you won't have to try and interpret "fine/medium/thick."

We also really like the way they are being packaged - better because there are less that are bent and need to be straightened!

You may have noticed that we spell them headpins and EYEpins - this is because it is easy to get confused with all the choices, so we made it easy to eyeball the EYEpins. When scanning a list of dozens of choices - it's nice to have the type leap out at you! (Especially for our order pickers who are pulling the orders for you!)

So new headpins and EYEpins for you in Bright and Antiqued Copper, Goldplated, Gunmetal, and Bright Silvertone.

s36660 Polymer Clay - 34 mm Plumeria Flower - Raven Feather Falls on Snow (1)s36667 Polymer Clay - 34 mm Plumeria Flower - I Am Booking a Flight to Hawaii (1)Looking for something sort of flowery for summer? How about VERY flowery? How about a flower? You can choose from these hand-made, happy, polymer clay flowers.

Lightweight enough to be fun, summer earrings, or - I'm thinking one would make a nice ring. Hmmm.

Also new on the website - links from our beads to our inspirations! For years now, we have listed the "ingredients" for making our InspirationFX projects - but now, we linked it up the other way, too!

s33151 Swarovski Elements Rhinestones - 14 mm Rivoli (1122) Rhinestone - Ultra Pink (1)This will help give you ideas for how to use something. If, for instance, you were looking at these Ultra Pink Rivolis, if you scroll down the page, you will see that they have been featured in two different projects - Pink Gold and Pink Cotton Candy!

Don't forget - next week is our Summer Art Camp week - with classes galore and summer fun. All the fun of Summer Camp - without the poison ivy.

"What about a Sale?" you say? Hmmm - maybe you should check back on Friday. Maybe we'll have a big surprise? Maybe? It might even be downright festive around here!

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