Thursday, June 20, 2013

Your Name in Neon Lights, er Beads?

s36419 Glass Beads - 8 mm Baby Spikes - Neon Mix (1)If you've walked into a clothing store lately - you've probably noticed Neon! Bright, trippy colours. Maybe you think you're having a flashback to the 70's. Or the 60's. Or, you might be thinking, "Wow - what great colours! They make me happy and they look like candy!"

Neon is this summer's hot trend, and you have to admit - the colours are fun, funky s36698 Glass Beads - 6 mm Round - Neon Green (strand)and child-like! The kids love 'em, so even if not for yourself, maybe for a kidlet you know?

They are lovely to the touch - they have a silky matte finish, and they are glass, so they have a nice feel and weight to them. They don't go with much else, but they rock when used with each other! We have them in a bunch of shapes, so check 'em out!
s36233 LunaSoft - Cabochon - 18 x 25 mm Oval - Lemon (1)Speaking of bright, happy colours - perhaps you'll find these new Lunasoft colours more accessible. Lemon s36234 LunaSoft - Cabochon - 18 x 25 mm Oval - Watermelon (1)and Watermelon. Pre-tt-y!

If SOFT appeals to you - as in maybe you've been thinking about felting, but don't want to plunge in with buying huge bunches of roving (that's untwisted wool, for the non-wool-cognoscenti)
s36055 Felting Supplies -  Merino Roving - Violette
The colours are WONDERFUL, and this Merino roving is so, so soft! (Not the slightest s36050 Felting Supplies -  Merino Roving - Fiery Heartbit scratchy.) We have it in approximately 1 ounce packages - which is about a double fist size. Oodles for making beads or felted accents for jewelry. Think blossoms for hair ornaments or brooches. Felted beads for bracelets or necklaces - or super lightweight for earrings! Or maybe a felted flower ring? Awesome with a few crystals stitched on!

If all this softness is making you long for something more solid - we have a new stone for you - Blue Green s36242 Stone Beads - 10 mm Round - Blue Green Quartz (strand)Quartz. Translucent blue-green, with some cream, pale green, brown, and misty s36251 Stone Beads - 10 x 14 mm Oval - Blue Green Quartz (strand)colour - very, very wearable.

Other new stuff around the site - we're working on a way to make it more easy to spot - so come on in and mouse around!

Oh, and don't forget to take advantage of our sale this week! This week - Swarovski Pearls! Until midnight, next Wednesday. Not just the pearly pearls, but the stoney pearls and the neony pearls! (Hey - more neon!)
Each weekly sale ends at midnight on Wednesday. Be sure to finalize your order by the following Wednesday midnight - before the next sale starts - to ensure that you lock in those bargains!

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