Monday, June 10, 2013

Inspiration Monday: Key to the Future

I had intended this to be timed for making graduation gifts. Apparently - I am so totally out of the loop - graduation was months ago. OK - I don't have kids - I don't know what the school and college schedules are. All I know about current events is what I get from reading Doonesbury. ;-)

by: Dwyn Tomlinson

Graduation: the keys to the future. Look forward, and the possibilities are limitless. The future is like that - it can take you anywhere.

If you have a milestone to mark, a graduate to congratulate, or a reason to celebrate, how about this wonderful key pendant.

And the joy of it is, it's so easy, you could assemble it on the bus on the way home!

These key bails were especially designed to hold the Swarovski Crystal Keys.

Make sure the opening of the bail is wide enough, you may need to bend it out a little - you probably don't even need pliers for this.

Turn the key sideways, and slip into postion.

Press the bail closed. Again, you probably can just do this with your fingers.

Turn the key sideways again to the correct orientation.

Add a chain. I used a sterling chain, but if you wanted to be fancy, you might dress it up with a chain mail chain - or for someone whose tastes are more casual - you might try leather or silk instead.

It's really that simple!

I tried a number of different colour combinations - I think that the Crystal Silver Night key and the gunmetal bail rock! But I went with sterling here because I wanted to use the sterling chain. Select the bail for the key size you want to use. The 30 mm is a nice size, the 50 mm makes more of a statement.


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