Friday, June 14, 2013

What Marg Did On Her Summer Vacation

Vacation! Ha - she doesn't know the meaning of the word! However, she just came back from Bead and Button, and in addition to the usual haul of bead-loot - she has her examples from the classes she took.

I, of course, don't remember what those classes were, so when I find out - I'll edit this and update that information.
First up, however, are a couple of Bead Quilts. These are annual fund-raisers for Breast Cancer, and we usually get one or two. These will be on display in the store, as soon as Rosemary finds a spot for them.

Next up, Beads + Textiles. Marg did this on a Mirrix Loom. It is woven, with beads, and stitched over a brass cuff base to give it shape, and backed with ultra-suede.

 Also woven, with beads and textiles. Marg said something about being much more comfortable now with setting up the loom and getting all the threads and stuff on it. She used more technical language than that, but it eludes me right now. Apparently, the part of my brain that remembers loom terms is on vacation, along with the part of my brain that understands calculus.

And this was from a Tierra Cast "make and take." Yep - those are humongous crimp beads. And yes, we will stock them in the store.

 This is Kumihimo'd (is that a verb?) with 3 mm Swa. bicones. She said there are holes where she forgot to drop in a bead, but blowed if I can see them, in all the sparkle.

So there you go! What did you do on YOUR summer vacation?  ;-)

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