Thursday, June 13, 2013

Turning Japanese!

sb3-0254 Miyuki - 3 mm Japanese Cubes - Transparent Red AB
I think we're turning Japanese, I really think so!
sb3-0243 Miyuki - 3 mm Japanese Cubes - Colour Lined Crystal/Dark Smokey AmethystWell - we've been on the slippery slope of Mt. Fuji for a long-time actually! We have over 3,000 colours, shapes and sizes of Japanese seedbeads!
And because - we firmly believe that more is more - this week, you get 3 mm cube beads from Miyuki! You can bead weave with them, or just use them as accent beads between larger beads. A whole rainbow of them, from Transparent Red AB to Colour Lined Crystal/Dark Smokey Amethyst. Not to mention White and Metallic Silver and Black!
sb3-1051 Miyuki - 3 mm Japanese Cubes - Metallic SilverTry these in a "square" stitch! (Ho ho, a little bead weaving humour there!)
If you thought that pun was "wheely" awful and shows a "facet" of our personality that you "do-nut" want to know about - then - it's not going to get any better for you. ;-)
s36211 Firepolish - 6 mm Faceted Wheel/Rondelle - Rosewater (50)You'll just have to check out the Firepolish Wheel Rondelles to console yourself.
And you should know us better by now anyway!

So come on in and browse around!
Oh, and don't forget to take advantage of our sale this week! This week - in keeping with the whole Japanese theme - Japanese 11s - which is to say - size 11/0 Japanese seedbeads - woohoo. Until midnight, next Wednesday.
Each weekly sale ends at midnight on Wednesday. Be sure to finalize your order by the following Wednesday midnight - before the next sale starts - to ensure that you lock in those bargains!

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