Monday, June 17, 2013

Inspiration Monday. Another one!

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Cuff Bangle Bling
by: Dwyn Tomlinson
Is it a bangle? Is it a cuff? It definitely blings!

This hollow core leather means that you can slip some wire down the center, which gives is a strength and rigidity that it wouldn't otherwise have!

These Rivoli adorned end caps are sized to take Regaliz 10 mm leather, or 2 strands of the 5 mm leather, and as we don't have the hollow core 10 mm in (yet!), I went with the red (Ruby Boa) leather, which I adore, btw.

You can use Memory wire to stiffen the leather, or the artist wire stainless steel. I used the memory wire for this, but frankly, I prefer using the stainless steel wire, as it is easier to work into the hollow core of the leather.

Inserting the first few inches is easy, after that, it takes some doing. Make sure the end of the wire is smooth, so that it does not snag, and try to keep the curve on the wire and the curve on the leather matching. Twist the wire, like you are screwing the leather onto the wire.

And the good news is - you really only have to do one of the sides of the bangle. Which means that the other one could be a different colour, you know.

Cut two pieces of leather, allowing for the size of the end caps.

Thread your wire down one piece at least.

Pre-check your fit for the ends before gluing, and try not to get carried away with the glue.

And that's it!




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