Monday, July 30, 2012

Two Simple Tips for Making Leather Bracelets

Here's a couple of quick tips if you are thinking about making some leather bracelets - because with all this new leather and specialized findings, clasps, beads, etc., they sure are tempting - and sooooo easy.

But leather being, you know, organic, sometimes it doesn't find perfectly into the clasp first time. You can wrestle with it if you like, or try these two quick tips to make fitting the leather into the hole a breeze.

Tip 1: The leather is too thick - make it thinner by filing the end with an emery board. Files down amazingly well, actually. And makes the surface rougher for better glue adhesion too. 

Tip 2: The leather is too wide, or the end got kinda squidged out from trying to force it, and now flares out a bit. Trim a little bit off - using your wire cutters. Scissors may not have the oomph you need to cut the leather cleanly - but a part of nippy wire cutters does the job a treat! 

Leather and Findings here.

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