Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Last Spike

s33393 Glass Beads - 17 mm Spikes - 24 Karat Gold-Plated (1)
Once upon a time, there was a vast country, and because the internet hadn't been invented yet - no way to quickly talk to your friends on the other side of it. 

Then someone had this idea - "Let's build a railroad - so we can all go visiting and not have to drive home 5,000 miles after drinking all night." 

s33396 Glass Beads - 17 mm Spikes - Ghost AB (6)They hired some guys and got some metal and some SPIKES and cut down some trees and soon they were building a railroad. 

Oh, sure, s33399 Glass Beads - 17 mm Spikes - Crystal Platypus (6)they had some problems - some guys saw some Ghost ABs, and of course, they were plagued by Crystal Platypuses.
s33401 Glass Beads - 17 mm Spikes - Teal Vitrail (6)Sometimes, they thought they were lost, but then they heard a voice calling, "I TEAL you, you're on the right VITRAIL."

s33385 Glass Beads - 17 mm Spikes - Gunmetal (6)There was danger, but they had lots of Gunmetal. They had to search for Mossy Water to drink - but sometimes there was s33423 Glass Beads - 17 mm Spikes - Smoke on the Water (6)just Smoke on the Water. Actually - they would have preferred Champagne Lustre, garnished with Pale Mint Lustre - or even mixed with some Passionfruit Argent

They built that railroad through the Montana Mist, (they really WERE lost at that point!) through fields of Magic Blueberry, on beds of Pink Coral Celsian, tunnelled through Jet Granite (which is as hard at Matte Black Diamond) and through Stormy Weather

s33361 Glass Beads - 17 mm Spikes - Antique Bronze (6)s33391 Glass Beads - 17 mm Spikes - Nickel-Plated (1)When they got to the end - they wanted to commemorate it with a special Spike - a symbol of their hard work. One suggested they use Antique Bronze, and someone else suggested it be Nickel-plated. Finally, someone suggested a 24 Karat Gold-Plated Spike
s33414 Glass Beads - 8 mm Baby Spikes - Satin 24 Karat Gold-Plated (6)

But then one of them suggested a cute little baby spike in Satin Gold would be just adorable. Then, someone else insisted that Gold Lustred Purple was the only real choice. Right about then, a cat-fight broke out, and they all started stabbing each other with spikes of all colours - mixing it up and calling each other names and trying to scratch each other, without messing up their hair and nails - which had been done up special for the ceremony. 

75521664-101 Rattail Cord - 2 mm Satin Rattail Cord - Silver Grey (yard)s33301 Metal Beads - 17 mm Double Square - Flame - Gold-plated (1)They made so much noise, that they aroused a mountain dragon, who had already been disturbed from his centuries-long nap by the hammering of the spikes. He wrapped his Silver Grey Rat-tail around them all, and threatened to use his Double Square Flame to turn them into Charcoal

s33299 MetalFX -  Metallic/Mica Powder - Charcoal (1 gram)
s33295 MetalFX -  Metallic/Mica Powder - Sunset Shimmer (1 gram)And so, as Sunset Shimmer-ed into Bright Moonlight - they all drank from the Pewter Chalice of Peace.

s33360 Metal Beads - 9 mm Double Square - Twig - Antiqued Copper (1)I'll go out on a Twig here, and say that you don't s33345 Metal Beads - 17 mm Double Square - Leaves - Antiqued Brass (1)be-Leaves a word of this little fable. ;-)

New Glass Spikes this week, 77 of them! And some new MetalFX - which is Mica-powder for embellishing Crystal Clay and Apoxie clay and polymer clay. 

s33328 Metal Beads - 13 mm Double Square - Leaves - Antiqued Brass (1)And these great new Double Square metal beads - 60 different varieties. They are two dome squares, attached at the corners - so they have a wide opening on ALL FOUR SIDES!. They come in 5 metal colours, 5 styles and 3 sizes: 9 mm, 13 mm, and 17 mm - and what is TOTALLY awesome about the 17 mm size is that they fit on the 10 mm leather we brought out last week! 

Look for them on the Metal Beads pages, organized by colour!

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