Thursday, July 12, 2012

Make this dazzling bracelet in minutes!

I want to show you how to make either of these fabulous bracelets in just minutes! 
The foundation or base for these is Ultra Suede. If the Ultra Suede you buy at the local fabric store seems sort of thin and flimsy - you can try laminating two pieces together using some fusible interfacing.

Or you can just get it from us. ;-)
s33215 Accessories - Narrow Ultra Suede Cuff Strip - Jet Black (1) Accessories - Narrow Ultra Suede Cuff Strip - Jet Black (1)

Let's do the Black bracelet first. Once you see how the snap closure is done, you'll know how to do the Pink one too.  
The shiny crystals are hot fix - but here's the dirty little secret. They aren't applied one at a time - but all at once, by using the Crystal Tex Applique. I used 7 inches - which is about 18 cm.
157620300710001 Swarovski - Applique -  Crystal Tex (62030) - Crystal (1 cm) Swarovski - Applique - Crystal Tex (62030) - Crystal (1 cm)

Watch this video to see how it is done. You can use a regular iron instead of the hot fix press. Remember - no steam, and lots of pressure - but no "ironing" - that is, no sliding the iron around. If your iron won't cover the entire piece to be hot-fixed

Here's the temperature chart again.

Now - to add the closure - which is a Swarovski Snap.

This is the top half of the snap - which is also called a "Decorative Button." (All the snaps, decorative buttons, and the applicator are on this page - Rhinestone Snaps.) The prongs on the back of the Top Front piece go through the fabric and into the groove on the back piece, and are bent into the groove - thus securing it securely - so that you are secure that it is secure.

The back of the snap is your everyday pop-snap doo-hickey. It is secured in much the same way. To close the snap - it snaps into the hole in the Top Back piece above.

Watch this video to see how to make it all come together and to assemble the dies that go into the applicator.

The pink bracelets - as shown above, is just a series of "Decorative Buttons" - plus one back - so that the end one functions as the closure. I just didn't think you wanted to watch me applying them!

It might take you a few tries to get the technique down pat - I ruined the first three by not having them lined up or in the machine straight - but once you get the hang of it - you'll be away to the races!

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